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Organized by the Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Awards (ifva) has been serving as a competition platform since 1995As one of the most established film/video festivals of its kind regionally, ifva has built up its strong credentials over the years by its commitment in nurturing independence and creativity for the visual media community.  ifva is not just award presentation. Through associative activities like festival, exhibitions and film screenings, education and outreach projects, commissioned works, distributions and publications, ifva is committed to the promotion of visual creation and creativity in short film, video, animation and interactive media in Hong Kong.

With the track record of past years, ifva has proved to be the cradle of local creative talents. Many hot names in the international cinema were the alumni of ifva, such as Toe YUEN 袁建滔 -Toe YUEN 袁建滔
Winner of 1st ifva Animation Category Silver Award, 2nd ifva Special Prize (Video) and Animation Category Silver Award

(his directorial work My Life As McDull《麥兜故事》was the winner of the International Film Critics Federation award at the 26th Hong Kong International Film Festival)
, Raman HUI 許誠毅 -Raman HUI 許誠毅
Winner of 2nd ifva Animation Category Distinguished Award

(supervising animator of Antz《蟻哥正傳》 and Shrek I, II& III《史力加》, director of Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five《功夫熊猫之蓋世五俠的秘密》)
, JIA Zhangke 賈樟柯 -JIA Zhangke 賈樟柯
Winner of 2nd ifva Drama Category Gold Award

(his directorial works include Xiao Wu《小武》, Platform《站台》, Still Life《三峽好人》and his latest films—the documentary-fiction hybrid 24 City《二十四城記》, and the short Cry Me a River《河上的愛情》, etc)
, YU Lik-wai 余力爲 -YU Lik-wai 余力爲
Winner of 1st ifva Experimental Category Silver Award, 2nd ifva Grand Prize and Documentary Category Gold Award

(his directorial works Love Will Tear Us Apart《天上人間》, All Tomorrow’s Parties《明日天涯》and Plastic City《蕩寇》)
,PANG Ho-cheung 彭浩翔 -PANG Ho-cheung 彭浩翔
Winner of 5th ifva Open Category Distinguished Award

(his works include You Shoot I Shoot《買凶拍人》, Beyond Our Ken《公主復仇記》, AV《AV》, Isabella《伊莎貝拉》, Trivial Matters《破事兒》, Exodus《出埃及記》, Love in a Puff 《志明與春嬌》and Victoria Bay《維多利亞壹號》. Men Suddenly In Black《大丈夫》 has won the Best New Director in 23rd Annual Hong Kong Film Awards)
, WONG Ching-po 黃精甫 -WONG Ching-po 黃精甫
Winner of 3rd ifva Drama Category Gold Award and 5th ifva Open Category Distinguished Award

(his works include Fu Bo《福伯》 and Ah Sou《阿嫂》. Jiang Hu 《江湖》has won the Best New Director in 24th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards)
, Yan-yan MAK 麥婉欣 -Yan-yan MAK 麥婉欣
Winner of 1st and 4th ifva Drama Category Distinguished Award

(Gege《哥哥》, Butterfly《蝴蝶》, August Story《八月的故事》and Merry-go-round《東風破》)
, Vincent CHUI 崔允信 -Vincent CHUI 崔允信
Winner of 1st ifva Drama Category Gold Award

((Fear of Intimacy《追踪眼前人》, Love is Elsewhere《愛情萬歲》 and Three Narrow Gates《三條窄路》)
, LAI Mui-suet 黎妙雪 -LAI Mui-suet 黎妙雪
Winner of 1st ifva Music Video Category and 4th ifva Drama Category Distinguished Award

(Glass Tears, The Floating Landscape and Naraka 19)
, HUNG Keung 洪强 -HUNG Keung 洪强
Winner of 3rd ifva Special Prize (Video) and Others Category Distinguished Award, 4th ifva Others Category Gold Award, 11th ifva Single-Screen-Based Interactive Media Category Special Mention

(New media artist and researcher. The Winner of the “Prize of Excellence” at Hong Kong Arts Biennial 2009)
, Jessey TSANG 曾翠珊 -Jessey TSANG 曾翠珊
Winner of 10th ifva Open Category Silver Award, 12th ifva Single-Screen-Based Interactive Media Category Special Mention, 15th ifva Open Category Special Mention

(Lovers On The Road《戀人路上》)
and Heiward MAK 麥曦茵 -Heiward MAK 麥曦茵
Winner of 12th ifva Open Category Gold Award

(High Noon《烈日當空》and Ex《前度》)
. Many of ifva alumni have gained recognition aboard soon after the award. More >>  

Starting from the year 2002, ifva has opened up “Asian New Force” category for Asian countries / regions, to discover and cultivate new generations of film / video makers and progress interactions among creative media talents in the Asian regions. ifva aspires to nurture and encourage exchanges among all Asian independent practitioners through presentation and discussion.

In view of the ever-changing cultures and technological conditions of the cinematic arts, ifva has established a competitive component “Interactive Media” since 2005. It aims to encourage a creative use of media, expand its vision in moving images and explore a hybrid and innovative form of cinema that stands at the intersection of cinema, installation and new media art.

Under the context of audio-visual media that embraces idea, frame, visual and audio, ifva has proved to be:


To learn more about ifva: http://artnode.hk/local_essences_video.php?id=11