.:.: The 15th ifva Final Showcase

Asian New Force Programme 1

Initiated in 2002, "Asian New Force" has become a prominent and prolific category in ifva. Not only has the amount of entries surpassed the total of all the other local categories, but the bar has been raised to a new level: "It is a feast of senses," commented by our inaugural preliminary juror, renowned film critic FUNG Ka-ming. "Viewing the entries was tiring, but you couldn't stop asking for more." First up, it is Intoxicant (John HSU/ 26"/ Taiwan/ in Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles), a cat-and-mouse tale set in virtual reality. To deceive and be deceived, we are all in for surprises. From the gloom of Seoul a beautiful
woman emerges in the subway—Energy flow (KIM Sin-sung/ 12' 10"/ South Korea/ in English with no subtitles) is a homage to Jean-Luc Godard's saying, "All you need for a movie is a gun and a girl". Jouissance (YANG Hyo-joo/ 22'/ South Korea/ in Korean with English subtitles) tells us how an honest, compatible and inter-dependable relationship should be. Mixing glove puppetry with Taipei 101, and adding a touch of tradition and affection, animated folklore A Piece of Cake (WU De-chuen, CHEN Li-hua, Jimmy JU, HSU Ching-yun / 11' 17"/ Taiwan/ in Hokkien with Chinese and English subtitles) is an account of a family trip through time and far. With respect and tolerance, we can mend the gap even as wide as The Opposite Shore (SHEN Ao/ 28' 40"/ China/ in Putonghua and Korean with Chinese and English subtitles).


Asian New Force Programme 2

Now we head to the North and West for a wider picture of lives in Asia. The Last Day of Bulkin I.S. (Aleksey ANDRIANOV/ 13'/ Russian Federation/ in Russian with English subtitles) is the contemplation on fatalism: can an ordinary man escape the sudden but destined visit of Death? A destructive overcast loomed on Passing Shadow (Shimon SHAI/ 25' 45"/ Israel/ in Hebrew with English subtitles) when decisions are made not by free will and turning back is out of question. On The Road To Tel-Aviv (Khen SHALEM/ 14' 47"/ Israel/ in Hebrew with English subtitles) writes an elegy for the racial war between the Arabs and Israel. From hostility we turn to the everyday life stories in Booths (Mikhail ZHELEZNIKOV/ 26' 51"/ Russian Federation/ in Russian with English subtitles), a portrait of forgotten lives on a St. Petersburg's street corner. In the dusk of life, what is there for the mind and body still in good shape? It is perhaps only a helpless swan song being echoed in Shred of Hope (Tom SHOVAL/ 26' 7"/ Israel/ in Hebrew with English subtitles).


The 15th ifva (Asian New Force) Finalist Showcase
Date / Time / Venue

Programme 1
20/3 (Sat) / 2pm / AbC

Programme 2
20/3 (Sat) / 4:30pm / AbC


Programme 1
Beta / Col & B/W / 100mins
A discussion session will be held after The 15th ifva (Asian New Force) Finalist Showcase (Programme 2)

Programme 2
Beta / Col & B/W / 107mins
With after-screening discussion

Tickets HK$50/*$30
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